Anchor & Hope – Carlos Marques-Marcet

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A smart, funny film about love and its discontents as a lesbian couple’s relationship is tested when a friend comes to stay.

After his debut hit 10,000 KM, Carlos Marques-Marcet returns with a similarly bittersweet treatment of love and its vagaries. Eva (Oona Chaplin) and Kat (Natalia Tena) are a couple coming to terms with the death of their cat when Kat’s close friend Roger (David Verdaguer) comes to stay. Space is tight on their London canal boat and Eva is not best pleased to have the gregarious, womanising Roger impinging on their space, but then she hits on a plan that will bind the three of them together and sets about executing it with a renewed sense of purpose. Boasting an impressive central performance from Chaplin and a delightful cameo from her real-life mother Geraldine, this is a film about the things we might just be prepared to do in the name of love.

The film’s soundtrack comprises an eclectic mix of music: from heartfelt English folktunes by Molly Drake (Nick Drake’s mother) and Ewan MacColl’s classic “Dirty Old Town”, to traditional Mexican songs by Chavela Vargas, and 60s rare finds by composer Keith Mansfield.

Director: Carlos Marques-Marcet
Writers: Carlos Marques-Marcet, Jules Nurrish
Producer: Sergi Castillo
Production Company: Lastor Media
Cast: Oona Chaplin, Natalia Tena, David Verdaguer, Geraldine Chaplin
Year: 2017