Reel 2 Real – Beat

Licensing, Music Supervision

As part of the new global campaign, Beat has launched its #MoveIt commercial to promote its transportation app which is all about movement and rhythm as it follows the “butts” of the protagonists as they go from one place to another, all made super simple and convenient by the Beat app.

The commercial challenges people to take that first step, to spread movement or “to move their ass for things to happen,” as Nicolás Vara and Ignacio Flotta, the creative directors behind David agency bluntly explain. Traditionally the “beat” in music is the pulsation of rhythm, translating into the impulse to move ones body. “I Like to Move It” made famous by Reel 2 Real feat. Trinidad and Tobago rapper The Mad Stuntman will definitely make you move it!

Song: I Like To Move It
Artist: Reel 2 Real
Client: Beat
Campaign: Move it!
Year: 2019