Bomba Estereo – Burger King

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire), the southernmost part of the Earth before Antarctica, home to stunning glaciers and vast sprawling landscapes, does not have a Burger King. But it has the perfect name to launch their new barbecue burger “Big King”.

Burger King takes this new product to the far corners of the Earth, and show its residents’ reactions to trying their burgers for the first time.

To introduce a fire-grilled burger in the Land of Fire, “Fuego” performed by Bomba Estereo was the perfect soundtrack choice.

Client: Burger King
Product: Big King
Title: Big King in Tierra del Fuego
Production Company: Nunchaku
Agency: David The Agency (Buenos Aires)
Director: Roi Ricci
Song: Bomba Estereo – Fuego
Year: 2015-16