Georges Bizet – Paco Rabanne

Creative Search, Production, Sync

Paco Rabanne reveals supermodel and actress Emily Ratajkowski as the new face of its female edition of the Pure XS fragrance launch. We see the Gone Girl star strutting through a lavish mansion in a seductive iconic Paco dress being chased by a host of obsessive men.

This soundtrack features a remix of the original adaptation of Bizet’s aria Habanera in Carmen produced for the male version of the fragrance. Here the pulsing, jagged rhythms of the Habanera build up tension as our femme fatale undresses looking at the camera, showing a tantalising glimpse of her stunning figure before slamming the door onto the desperate voyeurs.

Song: Carmen Habanera Remix
Remixer: Nicolas Schindler
Client: Paco Rabanne
Director: Johann Renck
Production Company: Soixante Quinze
Producer: Annabelle Fournier
Agency: Mazarine Mlle Noï
Creative Director: François Jacquey
Director of Production: Christophe Nader
Year: 2018