Carmen Habanera Remix – Pure XS

Creative Search, Music Supervision, Production, Sync

Lights, camera, action! Black marble and chandeliers, an immense and opulent boudoir in which modernity meets the baroque. Here is a man who has it all, excessively. Surrounded by fine artwork in his family’s neo-gothic mansion, a perfect physique, a calm composure and an angel’s face to boot. A fantasy embodied by an excessively perfect and perfectly indecent man. A group of girls spy on him from behind the glazed windows, awakening their most voyeuristic instincts.

Directed by the talented and renowned Johan Renck, and designed and edited like a choreographed video, the film stages sexual fantasy with a finely crafted aesthetic in an excessively stylised setting. The pulsing rhythm of the “Habanera” aria from Bizet’s Carmen accompanies the mounting desire with a tragicomic dimension until the final scene. Its seductive power is intensified in this original adaptation of the song, which features prominent castanets, deep beats and playful coquette string arrangements.

Song: Carmen Habanera Remix
Remixer: Johan Soderberg
Client: Paco Rabanne
Campaign: Les Voyeuses
Director: Johann Renck
Production Company: Soixante Quinze
Producer: Annabelle Fournier
Agency: Mazarine Mlle Noï
Creative Director: François Jacquey, Valérie Larondo
Agency Producer: Catherine Guiol
Year: 2017