I-D & Chanel – The Fifth Sense, Ep 5

Original Composition, Production

‘The Fifth Sense’ is a sensory platform celebrating female creativity, created by i-D in partnership with CHANEL, with the intent to carve a space for empowerment and exploration of women’s achievements in art and culture. This film short involves the story of celebrated Ballet dancer Iijima as she reimagines the artistic impression of dance. The musical challenge was to compose a reflection of the fractured female identity: to express Iijima’s conflict of being a classical dancer with a desire to express herself in a contemporary way, through themes of perfection, extreme discipline, cruelty, shallowness and the search of singularity, all within the backdrop of Japan’s transforming landscapes. A subtle balance between analog drone-led atmospheric textures layered amongst melodic pads and conservative beats served the pure, primal profundity of the images and the liberation in expressing unstructured movement.

Client: i-D VICE
Campaign: The Fifth Sense Ep.5: Making Movement with Nozoma Iijima
Song: Various Originals
Composer: Nico Schindler
Creative Director: Lola Partel Oliva
Year: 2017