Chimo Bayo – Frizzé

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

Under the direction of the young prodigy Milton Kremer who began filming fashion videos before even finishing high school, the new Frizzé Sparkling Wine campaign in Latin America invites us to move our bodies and celebrate life in a fun but highly aesthetic and detail-oriented film.

We licensed Chimo Bayo’s remix of “Así me gusta a mí (Xta si Xta no)” – a classic Spanish 90’s hit that perfectly carried this wacky energy and spirit of celebration conveyed by the retro-rave neon visuals.

Client: Peñaflor
Product: Frizzé Sparkling Wine
Title: Tenés un Rucucu – Movelo
Agency: Ponce Buenos Aires
Production Company: Landia Production
Director: Milton Kremer
Song: Chimo Bayo – Así me gusta a mí (Xta si Xta no) Remix
Year: 2015-16