Colder – Agnès B. Défilé Homme été 2017

Licensing, Sync

Agnès B has always been associated with “old-fashioned yet timeless, restrained yet effortlessly stylish” designs, but has also been known for her interest and connection to the other arts – photography, film, and even music.

For the 2017 Spring-Summer Men’s catwalk, Agnès B already had something in mind. Like her quintessentially French looks, classic but with a twist, this soundtrack reflected a sophisticated underground contemporary French sound. “Cold Hand Bop”, a groove-laden, krautrock-infused track from Colder’s 2016 album “The Rain”, brings a perfect kinetic, chic and modern tone all at once.

Client: Agnès B
Campaign: Homme Été 2017
Song: Cold Hand Bop
Original Recording Artist: Colder
Year: 2017