A to Z of New York Style – Coach

Original Composition, Production

The ‘A to Z of New York Style’ is portraying the diversity and different fashion trends within New York City. The upbeat film was created by i-D in collaboration with Coach, taking you into a New York lively subway carriage to champion the vivacious A to Zs of stylish subcultures that you might encounter on a ride around the city. The musical challenge was to compose an original soundtrack reflecting the vast variety of genders, sexualities, colours and creeds through fashion. The intermixture of layering funky beats and jazzy riffs compliment the energetic visuals and colours illustrating New York’s exciting, fluid and dynamic fashion scene.

Client: i-D VICE
Campaign: A to Z of New York Style
Director: Agostina Gálvez
Composer: Nicolas Schindler
Year: 2018