Devendra Banhart – Ikea

Clearance, Licensing

A man unpacks boxes in his new flat, when suddenly a child springs out of one of them. A game of copycat ensues as the child begins to draw wildly on the walls and the man follows suit with his paintbrush; the child stacks some Lego blocks, so the man stacks his bright shelving units… What better playground than the living room to unleash your creativity? Your inner child will take the lead!

Like two peas in a pod, Devendra Banhart’s playful “I Feel Just Like a Child” perfectly echoes this campaign’s message. “Some people try and treat me like a man, well I guess they just don’t understand…I’m a child”!

Song: I Feel Just Like a Child
Artist: Devendra Banhart
Client: IKEA
Agency: Buzzman
Agency head of production: Vanessa Barbel
Creative director: Souen Le Van
Campaign: Mini Me/ Retrouvez votre âme d’enfant
Director: Cole Webley
Production Company: Big Productions
Producer: Raphaël Carassic
Year: 2018