Diana Ross & The Slits – Glossier Play

Licensing, Music Supervision

Leading on from their previous ‘barely there’ campaign, cosmetics brand Glossier, burst through with their new range of Glossier Play, a self-proclaimed “make up brand of beauty extras”. And EXTRA it is. Their recently-unveiled campaign for ‘Play’ – starring models, musicians, and friends of the brand, such as Sarah Feingold, Coco Baudelle, and pop star Troye Sivan – boasts glitz, glamour, style and colour.

To soundtrack the film launch, we’ve placed the iconic (and one of TY’s favourite compositions ever) ‘I Heard it Through the Grapevine’. The cover by British post-punk female band The Slits, celebrates Glossier Play’s diversity, experimentation and as the brand’s name would suggest, playfulness.

In keeping with Glossier Play’s ‘luxury but fierce’ aesthetic, another track ‘Love Hangover’ by the incredible Diana Ross had to feature in the campaign. TY placed this track on shots highlighting the more sultry campaign videos.

Song: Heard It Through The Grapevine
Artist: The Slits
Client: Glossier
Video Reel: Look Studios
Producers: Suzanne Shaheen and Andrew Gold
Year: 2019