Els Dies Que Vindran – Carlos Marqués-Marcet

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“We made this film because we really wanted to investigate the process of bringing another life into the world.” – Carlos Marqués-Marcet

This pure and honest fly-on-the-wall story explores the pregnancy of a couple, Vir and Lluis who must learn to be three when they haven’t yet learned how to be two. And that’s how it starts. A wild cocktail of emotions about the nine-month period during which the couple are deliriously happy with their decision one moment and seem on the verge of disaster the next. Using the real pregnancy of the actress and actor in the lead roles, the film explores the leap into the depths of joy and hardship such a profoundly transformative experience can have on future parents.

Els Dies Que Vindran was Directed by Goya award winner, Carlos Marqués-Marcet, who gracefully manages to get all that is possible from the chemistry between two lovers who have to review their carefree existence. Music played a central role in capturing all the beautiful and difficult moments of pregnancy with a soundtrack that mainly features Catalan and Spanish artists such as Ovidi Montllor, Toti Soler, el Noy, Maria Arnal & Marcel Bagès as well as Belgian composer Wim Mertens. The different songs and melodies take the viewer on a journey of touching tenderness while the next moment the up tempo beats of rock/punk band La Kinky Beat with their song “No Es lo Mismo” brings the film an air emotional restlessness, characterising the up and down journey of the days to come prior to becoming parents for the very first time.

Els Dies Que Vindran premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) on January 31st, 2019.

Director: Carlos Marqués-Marcet
Producers: Sergi Moreno, Tono Folguera, María Zamora
Cast: Maria Rodríguez Soto, David Verdaguer
Editors: Óscar de Gispert, Carlos Marques-Marcet, Juliana Montañés, Ana Pfaff