I Am Trash – État Libre d’Orange

Original Composition, Production

I AM TRASH is introducing the latest perfume from Etat Libre D’Orange ‘Les Fleurs du Déchet’ with vivid footage of dead flowers, moldy fruit tumbling over fertile soil and earthworms winding through fleshy waste. The perfume is made with extracts of trash waste creating something beautiful, with a distinct contrast. “Trash is not normally regarded as beautiful. But with ‘I Am Trash,’ beauty is found in waste, taking the old and reinventing it to be new again’.

From the soundtrack, static layers are created through piano riffs and electronic beats accomplishing a sense of discomfort. The composition has cinematic and atmospheric textures emphasising the dramatic visuals depicted.

Client: Etienne de Swardt / Etat Libre d’Orange
Agency: Ogilvy Paris
Campaign: I AM TRASH
Creative Directors: Juana O Gorman & Beatrice Lassailly
General Director: Emmanuel Ferry
Production: H&O
Producer: Barthélémy De Champsavin
Account Manager: Terry Fouchy
Director / Photographer: Inès Dieleman
Composer: Nicolas Schindler
Year: 2018