Family of the year – Trivial Pursuit

Advertisement, Licensing, Music Supervision

Hasbro celebrates the moment you realize your child first beats you … for real! We follow the story of a boy who grows up playing games and competing with his father, but always “winning” despite his lesser abilities. This continues until finally one day, when the boy is already a teenager, the family gathers round to play the classic board game Trivial Pursuit and the boy surprises everyone by winning the game – no cheating, no help. It’s a classic tale of parenthood, growing up and developing family bonds, all tied together in an emblematic cross-cultural game for all.

To soundtrack this heart-warming story of the relationship between father and son we licensed the hit single by American indie rock group Family of the Year.

Artist: Family of the Year
Song: Hero
Client: Hasbro (Trivial Pursuit)
Campaign: Hasbro Hero
Director: Felipe Gomez Aparicio
Production Company: Filmservice Productions
Producer: Ekaterina Getta
Post-Producer: Ksenia Vostrikova
Agency: Leo Burnett
Year: 2017