Il Est Vilaine – Hermès

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

Faithful to a long tradition, Hermès annually defines a specific theme to interpret the brand’s prestigious menswear collection and its accessories — including the Maison’s legendary ‘Carré’. For the new FW19 Silk Campaign, Hermès has set off at full speed to deliver “Summits of Silk”: a fresh boundless-fun collection that introduces two brand new scarves designed by Dimitri Rybaltchenko and Alice Shirley. Alongside this, Hermès has also launched  a special sporty edition of woven silk ties and accessories in a diverse range of patterns, colours and sizes.

Look Studios has brought the campaign to life in a daring and high flying adventure set on the slopes of Chamonix Mont Blanc: Switzerland’s highest peak. The campaign brings together a cast of olympic competing skiers (including a synchronized ski team) to gracefully soar down the mountain clad in Hermes clothing and accessories.

To soundtrack the fun slaloms and the elegance of the intrepid skiers, Too Young has chosen the french dance-rock outfit ‘Il Est Vilaine’ and their Alan Vega flavoured single ‘Une Petite Satu’. The garage-rockabilly sounds of the track yield a stylish and amusing mood that is perfect for taking you behind the controls of the helicopter flying over the snowy mountains in celerity.

Client: Hermes
Campaign: Silk Mix FW19
Agency: Look Studios
Director: Gordon von Steiner
Production Company: ProdN
Year: 2019