Lizzo – Revlon

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

Brandishing the principle that skin tones are not just one colour, Linda Wells, founding editor of beauty magazine Allure and current chief creative officer at Revlon, has launched a beauty line that’s helping turn the industry on its head. Aptly named Flesh Beauty, the brand rides the tide of the new ethnically inclusive industry standard (it has 40 shades of foundations!).

Radiant, expressive, genuine and unapologetic – this is how the Flesh Beauty girl should feel. The central message of the campaign tells us “we are never more alluring than when we are totally ourselves”, and this message is echoed in our chosen soundtrack “Good As Hell” by Lizzo, a song about building self-confidence, loving – and treating – yourself!

Artist: Lizzo
Song: Good as Hell
Client: Revlon
Campaign: Flesh Beauty
Director: Bardia Zeinali
Art Director for Tutorials: Sophie Li
Creative direction: Look Studios
Production: Lollywould
Year: 2018