Various Artists – Nina Ricci

Audio mix and additional production, Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

Nina Ricci FW 22/23 Collection was presented in the form of a digital show. A must watch/listen. A six minute cinematic journey into Nina Ricci’s studio and atelier which pushes the boundaries of the “catwalk/collection” fashion film format. 

As the usual format asks for it, we took an interesting approach to the soundtrack using mixing several songs and working on a full mix and additional production. Opening with Hugo de Chaire’s Hitchcockian and magnificent “Follow That White Car”, we are quickly taken to Lizzy Mercier´s Descloux addictive mutant-disco anthem “Wawa” and punctuated by the girls own thoughts. We then enter into a Tarantino infused interlude, an Acapella improvisation, and several layers of drones that finally lead us to a beautiful ending: a French synth gem from Sauveur Mallia, bassist of 70s French band Voyage.


Songs: Wawa / Follow That White Car / Cosmos Nickel
Artist: Lizzy Mercier Descloux / Hugo De Chaire / Saveur Mallia
Client: Nina Ricci / Puig
Campaign: FW 2022-23
Year: 2022