David Bowie – Pacollection

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

Paco Rabanne has launched its first ever fragrance collection: Pacollection – a six-piece range that looks to cater to all aspects of your personality. Each of the scents calls out different character types: Fabulous Me, Genius Me, Dangerous Me, Erotic Me, Strong Me and Crazy Me. Fronting the campaign is a host of diverse young creatives from across the globe, many of whom the house has been quietly dressing for a few seasons now: dancer and model Alton Mason, skater Evan Mock, DJ Bambounou, Korean model Hyunji Shin, singer Kelela and actress Dree Hemingway.

Filmed near Barcelona in La Fabrica, architect Ricardo Bofill’s fascinating concrete cathedral, it follows the movements of these six magnetic individuals who wander through the twists and turns of the place to David Bowie’s iconic “Heroes”. As the song suggests, these characters embody contemporary life at its best, each one being free to be heroes and exactly who they are! Julien Dossena explains it best: “these freaks of the neighbourhood who are stronger than anyone else!”

Song: Heroes
Artist: David Bowie
Client: Paco Rabanne
Creative Direction: Julien Dossena
Director: Sheila Johansson
Campaign: Pacollection
Year: 2019

Vogue, Dazed Beauty, WWD