Bouga – PMU

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

1 year after the brand campaign “Epic Bets“, PMU & Buzzmann unveiled their new strategy and films ”The Expert” and “The Instinctive”, focusing on their equestrian DNA and core target customers: the gamblers. While last year’s campaign focused on the epic and spectacular nature of the races, PMU now wants to focus on the value of its customers. Expertise, vision and passion are all assets that horse-racing gamblers possess. Both films “The Expert” and “The Instinctive” celebrate these talents and once again break the codes with a resolutely cinematic production.

The action in the footage takes place inside the perimeters of the racetrack and it is the characters monologues that are the main drivers of the stories. With a sophisticated mise-en-scene and a very dynamic montage, the films highly recall other action movies by Scorsese, Guy Ritchie, the Ocean’s saga and beyond. Of course, our music search was highly influenced by such references, but the soundtrack called for a song that functioned as a storytelling device marrying the voice-overs with the hurried camera and quick cuts. The perfect fit for us ended up being the iconic Belsunce Breakdown theme, extracted from the 2000 French film The Magnet OST (Comme un Aimant) directed by Kamel Saleh and Akhenaton.

Artist: Bouga
Song: Belsunce Breakdown
Client: PMU
Campaign: The Expert/The Instinctive
Agency: Buzzman
Director Reynald Gresset
Production Company: La Pac
Year: 2020