Robert Parker – Ikea

Advertisement, Licensing, Sync

“Everybody get on your feet
You make me nervous when you in your seat
Take off your shoes and pat your feet

We’re doin’ a dance that can’t be beat”

Ikea continues to explore everyday life by focusing on the heart of the household. We see a young man that must learn how to dance in a few days for a date. His modern living room, complete with a selection of classic furnishings from the Swedish retailer, suddenly unfolds and adapts to his needs and desires, opening up as a rehearsal space and then as a cosy gathering spot for his friends who are aiding him on his mission.

For this kooky, upbeat spot we licensed “Barefootin”, a 1966 hit by American R&B singer Robert Parker that invites us to shake off our dusty dance shoes.

Artist: Robert Parker
Song: Barefootin’
Client: Ikea
Campaign: Le Rendez-vous
Director: James Rouse
Production Company: Wanda
Producer: Hélène Ségol
Agency: Buzzman
Agency Producer: Vanessa Barbel / Katya Violi
Year: 2017