Rolling Stones – 1000 Miles of Luca

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

At the heart of a comprehensive communication action, the short road movie entitled ‘The 1000 Miles of Luca’ starred a child diagnosed with Down’s syndrome and his father, participating in an antique car race in Patagonia. The idea was to show the pleasure and well being that arise from spending time together, regardless of any special needs.

The project was developed by Consejo Publicitario Argentino, the advertising agency TBWA – and even starred its CEO and his child to tell their inspiring first-hand story – production company Primo Buenos Aires, and counted with the support of six Argentinian NGOs whose common goal was to foster the inclusion of handicapped people in society.

The film won a Golden Lion at Cannes Festival, a Gold Clio and a Gold Effie, among many other awards.

The Rolling Stones’ song “Happy” helped to give a positive energy to the video’s message in raising awareness of our conceptions of people with disabilities.

Client: Consejo Publicitario Argentino
Product: International Day of Persons with Disabilities
Title: The 1000 Miles of Luca
Agency: TBWA Buenos Aires
Production Company: Primo Buenos Aires
Director: Martin Kalina
Song: Rolling Stones – Happy
Year: 2013