Say She She — Supergoop

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

Bask in the sunny sounds of “Say She She”, the boundary-busting, female-led discodelic soul trio. Their dreamy harmonies, catchy hooks, and up-tempo grooves of their track “Prism” are a perfect match for Supergoop’s latest campaign, which is all about chasing the sun.

The Brooklyn-based, female-led music ensemble is composed by London-born Piya Malik and Americans Nya Parker Gazelle and Sabrina Cunningham. Initially classical singers, their project developed into a self-consciously retro, warm, lo-fi, bedroom pop-influenced production. Their boundary-busting sound blends elements of electronic, soft soul, and an echoing space of dub topped off with beautiful vocal harmonies. 

Song: Prism
Artist: Say She She
Client: Supergroop
Campaign: Spring SPF
Year: 2023