Sergio Mendes – Costa Brazil

Clearance, Licensing, Sound Design

Former designer-in-chief of Calvin Klein’s womenswear Francisco Costa has just launched his new sustainable boutique beauty brand Costa Brazil, featuring ecologically-sourced products from the Amazon rainforest in partnership with Conservation International.

To soundtrack his launch film we’ve kept with the tropical theme, placing uptempo joyful samba “Viramundo” recorded by the iconic Sergio Mendes, written by even greater Brazilian legend Gilberto Gil, and an obscure mellow 70s gem “Hoje é Quarta-Feira” by Tony & Frankye.

Song: Viramundo
Artist: Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66
Client: Costa Brazil
Video Reel: Look Studios
Producers: Suzanne Shaheen and Andrew Gold
Year: 2018

Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar