Aphex Twin — Rabanne

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

“Origins of the Future” is the title of Rabanne’s Spring-Summer 24 collection by household designer Julien Dossena, the second show after the fashion house’s dropped the “Paco Rabanne” name. In a collection that combined pre-industrial looks with futuristic elements, the catwalk brought in dialogue the material and the sublime, dreams and reality, the classic and the contemporary. 

Such occasion called for an artist that could translate the otherworldly into sound: Aphex Twin. An enigmatic and enlusive figure, Twin has been a true pioneer of the art of experimentally combining ambient and cinematic sounds with electro and techno, in a blend that is oddly termed IDM (Intelligence Dance Music). Among his rich and idiosyntratic work, “Windowlicker” stands as one of his most iconic tracks, being as relevant in the release year of 1999 as it is today. The track opens with a hypnotic, distorted vocal sample that gradually morphs into a pulsating beat, setting the stage for a sonic journey that is both exhilarating and unpredictable. For Rabanne’s catwalk, Twin’s track was carefully edited and remixed by Surkin, elevating its inherently futuristic and mystical elements for the glamorous Spanish fashion house’s show.

Song: Windowlicker
Artist: Aphex Twin remixed by Surkin
Client: Rabanne
Campaign: SS24 Catwalk
Year: 2023