Jackson Fourgeaud — Nina Ricci

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

Amazon Fashion’s Holiday 23 shows a broader spectrum of its catalog, showcasing Amazon style for home as well as for beauty and fashion. The campaign uses Amazon’s core focus –its customers– and turns them into their main inspiration. Rejoicing in the quality moments shared with family, friends, and loved ones, it elevates the art of gift giving and the uplifting experiences that come with it. The campaign is soundtracked by Bileo’s 1979 disco anthem “You Can Win”, a boogie track that juggles with disco and funk elements. A jubilant and uplifting anthem, its infectious bass line, tight percussion, and vibrant horns create an irresistible groove that serves as a cheerful celebration of unity and joy.

Song: Duo des Fleurs
Artist: Léo Delibes, remixed by Jackson Fourgeaud
Client: Nina Ricci
Campaign: Nina Le Parfum
Year: 2023