Soulwax feat. Smashing Pumpkins & Dry Cleaning — Dries Van Noten

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

Dries Van Noten Women SS24 woman’s catwalk, taking place during the Paris Fashion Week, was held in an abandoned building formerly used as a telecommunications company’s office. In line with the brand’s signature aesthetic blending contrasting elements, the collection combined luxurious fabrics with mismatched patterns and minimalistic designs, often accompanied by intricate accessories like feathers, sequins, and pearls, making fits that are both timeless and contemporary. 

The live performance started with ethereal piano notes and deep, emancipating lyrics from Dry Cleaning’s Liberty Log. Driven by the more techno-influenced signature of Soulwax, the composition progressed into faster and heavier basslines, building tension and culminating with the lush, epic instrumentation of The Smashing Pumpkin’s classic “Tonight Tonight”. This eclectic blend reflected the sophisticated elegance and multifaceted aesthetic of Dries Van Noten.

Song: Tonight Tonight, Liberty Log
Artist: Smashing Pumpkins & Dry Cleaning x Soulwax
Client: Dries Van Noten
Campaign: Women SS24’s catwalk
Year: 2023