David Bowie — Rabanne

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

Paco Rabanne is back with the masculine fragrance Phantom, showcasing Charlie Heaton as the face of the campaign and legendary musical genius and cultural icon David Bowie on the soundtrack. Bowie’s timeless hit “Let’s Dance” becomes an anthem of mystery and sensuality, encapsulating the essence of eternal allure and magnetic charisma. Just as Bowie effortlessly reinvented himself, Rabanne’s Phantom defies convention, blending audacious design and luxurious scents to create a fragrance that’s both classic and modern. Bowie’s unique style, mesmerizing vocals, and boundary-pushing creativity continue to inspire generations.

The campaign brings to life the spirit of transformation that was an integral part of David Bowie’s artistry. It celebrates the ability to transcend boundaries and embrace one’s unique identity.

Song: Let’s Dance
Artist: David Bowie
Client: Rabanne
Campaign: Phantom
Year: 2023