Mystic Jungle — Camper

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

The Walking Society is Camper’s new community and magazine celebrating imagination and energy, aiming to offer a space to share valuable ideas and solutions to everyone regardless of their background.

This campaign and issue is set in Ibiza, often captured as a festive summer destination but also known for the rich cultural history, Mediterranean landscape, and simple lifestyle that define the island’s personality. Capturing the combination of exuberant and laid-back, modernity and rootedness in craftsmanship and tradition, required a fitting soundtrack. “Get Down On It”, a refreshingly modern take on the Italian 80s sound wave by Napolitanean producer Mystic Jungle, perfectly accomplished this. Combining the celebratory highs and euphoric vocals of Italian disco with spacey synths and a heavier bass line, this production remains faithful to its roots while being novel and unpredictable. The epitome of a Mediterranean summer!

Song: Get Down On It
Artist: Mystic Jungle
Client: Camper
Campaign: The Walking Society (Ibiza)
Year: 2023