Jamiroquai — MAC Cosmetics

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

Mac Cosmetics Holiday 23 is a bold Christmas campaign offering lipstick, skin finish, mascara, and eyeshadow products. Showing exuberant images in the snow, the soundtrack had to evoke such playful blend of diverse elements spiced with a celebratory touch. “Canned Heat”, a high-energy, funk-infused dance anthem by Jamiroquai seemed like a fitting choice. 

Jamiroquai is a British band led by the charismatic singer and songwriter Jay Kay. Novel in the music industry since the 1990s, the band’s sound can be described as a captivating mixture of funk, acid jazz, soul, and disco, with electronic and pop music elements woven into their sonic tapestry. The song’s title alludes to the idea of music serving as a source of warmth and energy, much like a can of heat that fuels the dancefloor. It’s a fitting metaphor for the track’s infectious and uplifting quality, which instantly lifts your spirits and gets your feet moving.

Song: Canned Heat
Artist: Jamiroquai
Client: MAC Cosmetics
Campaign: Holiday 23 Campaign
Year: 2023