Gabriels — Chanel

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

Chanel’s Holiday Collection 23 is a wondrous display of elegance and beauty. The film showcases a selection of the campaign’s make-up products in a minimalistic palette of black with sparks of gold – a trademark of the fashion house’s timeless and exquisite aesthetic.

“Love and Hate in a Different Time”, a track by “retro-future soul trio” Gabriels, elevates Chanel’s visual aura with its intricate sonic layers. Driving drums and enchanting high piano keys are accompanied by occasional gospel claps, giving place to a mysterious violin crescendo and culminating in an emotional piano solo that gracefully wraps this production. Warm, touching tones and ethereal melodies are combined in a sound that is both reminiscent of a bygone era and remarkably fresh today. In 2022, Gabriels released the first part of their debut album, “Angels & Queens,” which captivated listeners with its enchanting melodies and profound emotional depth. The album garnered critical acclaim, with The Guardian even declaring it a potential contender for album of the year.

Song: Love and Hate in a Different Time
Artist: Gabriels
Client: Chanel
Campaign: Holiday Collection 2023
Year: 2023