Automatic — MAC Cosmetics

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

MAC Cosmetics launched a spicy campaign for the new Chili’s Crew lipstick with a radiant film, flamboyant cast, and striking soundtrack by L.A post-punk trio Automatic, featuring their vibrant track “NRG”. Automatic, comprised of Lola Dompè, Izzy Glaudini, and Halle Saxon Gaines, quickly gained buzz with their debut EP. Their guitar-less, minimal sound plays with avant-guard synth experimentation, taking inspiration from bands like Suicide, Kleenex, and Neu. Find their song “NRG” from their album “Excess”, featured on MAC Cosmetics Chili’s Crew campaign.

Song: NRG
Artist: Automatic
Client: MAC Cosmetics
Campaign: Chili’s Crew
Year: 2022