C Tangana, Marina Herlop, Sofía Gabanna and many more — Unicornios

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

We’ve had the pleasure to music supervise the debut feature film “Unicornios” by renowned Spanish director Álex Lora and produced by Inicia Films and Jaibo Films. The film is a portrait of a generation redefining women’s roles and actively participating in significant life decisions, complemented by a carefully curated soundtrack that features local talents such as C Tangana, Marina Herlop, Sofía Gabanna, Gata Cattana and many more.

Unicornios’ carefully selected soundtrack features a wide variety of artists, with a strong focus on the vibrant Spanish contemporary music scene. Among them, Sofía Gabanna, the project of Argentinian-born Sofía Peluso. Her music results in an extraordinary fusion of hip-hop, jazz, salsa, trap, Latin rhythms, and avant-garde elements. “El Madrileño”, aka C.Tangana, famously known for bringing Latin Music to new heights. pablopablo, a particularly authentic and interesting musical project in the contemporary Spanish musical scene. Or Pablo Drexler, a young composer that combines elements of R&B, indie rock and dream pop in his music creations.

Song: Many
Artist: C Tangana, Aphex Twin, Marina Herlop, Sofía Gabanna, Gata Cattana, pablopablo, and many more.
Client: Filmax
Film: Unicornios
Year: 2023