Mavi Phoenix – Desigual

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

2017 has marked the breakthrough for Desigual since its radical choice of brand re-styling while remaining true to its core DNA. Desigual’s new modus operandi aims at reaching new talents of countless disciplines to contribute and enrich the diversity of the brand. The Exotic Jeans Campaign ’17 saw the collaboration of world-wide renowned choreographer and dancer Lia Kim.

Our challenge for the brand was to find a fresh new upcoming talent able to transmit the values of the campaign, which intended to be a tribute to diversity, independency, and freedom to celebrate your personal identity. Our creative search led to rising Austrian singer-songwriter Mavi Phoenix, whose signature is her straight-up cool and effortlessly natural attitude. Her song ‘Aventura’ was a perfect match for its exotic and edgy sound and new wave of lo-fi pop that’s rapidly trending.

Client: Desigual
Campaign: Exotic Jeans ‘7
Song: Aventura
Recording Artist: Mavi Phoenix
Creative Director: Luis Cerveró
Year: 2017