Dope Saint Jude – Renault Twingo

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

The launch campaign #NeverTooMuch unveils a commercial that is punchy, colorful and creates a true “Twingo” universe. Renault also stages “different profiles” of customers; whatever the age or the character, the message shows that having a Twingo makes it possible to assert yourself and nothing is ever too much!

The three women featured in the commercial are urban, exude power and ambition as they drive away in their Twingos. The catchy beats of “Grrrl Like” by multifaceted South African hip hop artist, rapper, drag king and producer Dope Saint Jude is featured in the commercial which brings home the message that women have no limits. No stranger to pushing boundaries and questioning norms, Saint Jude uses her music to open the discussion on gender, sexuality, and ingrained expectations while uniquely combining elements of UK & US rap and South African rhythms.

Song: Grrrl Like
Artist: Dope Saint Jude
Client: Groupe Renault
Campaign: Twingo #Nevertoomuch
Year: 2019