Hôtel Costes – Apple Music

Music Curation and Programming, Strategy

There is nothing like Hôtel Costes. Now, for the first time, Paris’ international destination for discerning artists, intelligentsia, Hollywood aristocracy and elegant fauna-of-the-world is serving its signature dish: The renewed Costes Music Selection, to go. As soon as you enter Costes, time feels different, is neither night nor day; it is anytime you need a change of scenery, a boost, a special treat for your soul and senses. Since 1995, the year of the Hotel’s opening, visitors passing through the Sound Gallery into the iconic restaurant, patio or bar have been bathed in sound and great music. Punctuated by monthly temporary installations, the Sound Gallery, situated at the entrance of the Hotel, is a liminal space to unwind, away from the streets of bustling Paris. Once inside, visitors will find themselves immersed in a unique mix of contemporary, vintage, and unknown music treasures.

The Costes music ethos? Keep it smooth but keep it edgy, disrupt but don’t disturb, innovate and take risks to create a great sense of flow: a here and now you want to remember. This seemingly impossible equation is at the heart of the global success of Costes’ music identity. The Costes Channel features a music time-capsule taken from the heart of the Hotel’s experience: the Selection, a 15-song compilation featuring our favourite premieres and some exclusive unreleased tracks or remixes, plus a must-hear spotlight Artist of the Month playlist. Join the ‘Hôtel Costes’ music channel on Apple Music, or simply stream live the hotel´s daily programming at hotelcostes.com.

‘Hôtel Costes’ music channel is available worldwide exclusively on Apple Music, curated by Frederic Schindler and Thierry Planelle.