Donna Summer – Jean-Paul Gaultier

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

Launched in June 2017 in collaboration with PUIG, ‘Scandal’ is the new pillar fragrance from Jean-Paul Gaultier designed to offer something new, modern, spicy, sexy – and at the same time powerful and elegant. Our music curation direction for the brand led to 1979 worldwide hit ‘Bad Girls’ by 5-time Grammy Award winning ‘Queen of Disco’ Donna Summer.

The song gives a timeless elegance to the images and personifies the values of our scandalous ‘bad girl’ protagonist. As an integrated music strategy, we coordinated the new structure edit, remix and master of a fresh 2017 ‘Bad Girls’ re-release in conjunction with the release of the campaign. The song was also used for the Jean-Paul Gaultier Fall 2017 Couture Fashion Show.

Client: PUIG
Campaign: Scandal
Agency: Mademoiselle Noï
Song: Bad Girls
Recording Artist: Donna Summer
Year: 2017