Lily Konigsberg — Isla Beauty

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

Isla Beauty’s “Love, Isla” campaign celebrates transparency and truth, featuring the song “Alone” by New York-based singer-songwriter Lily Konigsberg. A funky disco track reminiscing of ESG and delivering an infectious hook ready to get stuck in your head. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Lily Konigsberg started solo performances in NYC clubs when she was just a teenager. Her musical journey has evolved from lo-fi noise-rock to bittersweet indie pop. Earning acclaim from the critics, her official full-length debut, “Lily We Need to Talk Now,” perfectly showcases her distinctive sound, characterized by playful vocals, and hints of experimental pop and punk mixed with introspective downtempo elements.

Song: Alone
Artist: Lily Konigsberg
Client: Isla Beauty
Campaign: Love, Isla
Year: 2023