Mac Cosmetics – It´s a Strike

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

To promote MAC Cosmetics’ new line of products “It’s a Strike”, the online spot directed by the talented young Clara Cullen (Chanel, MaxMara, Nike) features two models wearing classic bowling outfits reflecting the products’ set of varsity-chic hues.

Bowling is not just fun, it’s downright cool thanks to some serious fashion pedigree, cult film cinematography (think Pulp Fiction) and the kind of aesthetic that works with the trends we love in 2016. The bowling alley, burgers, Cadillacs, baseball and Coca-Cola: all things from 50’s America that are cast-iron cool.

This campaign deserved a strong track – and so we chose Chuck Berry’s cult Rock’n’Roll song featured in Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.

Client: MAC
Product: MAC Cosmetics
Title: It’s a Strike
Agency: Image Partnership
Director: Clara Cullen
Song: Chuck Berry – You Never Can Tell
Year: 2016