Pierre Henry – Prada Candy Florale

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

For the launch of the third perfume of the Prada Candy fragrance collection, Prada reveals a delicate and atmospheric video directed by Steven Meisel, one of the most prominent photographers in the fashion industry. The film features a sensual Léa Seydoux in the role of Candy, floating in a haze of lush pink tones and delicate organza Prada flowers, that echo her Spring-like grace and recall Jane Fonda in the science fiction film “Barbarella”.
The fragrance’s light airiness is highlighted by the forgotten French 60s psych track “Psyché Rock” composed by Pierre Henry and Michel Colombier from the record “Messe pour le temps présent” (1967).

Client: Prada
Product: Prada Candy Florale
Title: Prada Candy Florale worldwide campaign
Agency: Puig
Production Company:
Director: Steven Meisel
Song: Psyché Rock – Pierre Henry
Year: 2014-16