Queen – Volkswagen

Advertisement, Licensing, Music Supervision

This is the story of a 5-year-old boy whose best friend moves to a distant city. He misses him very much and seeks a way to see him again. Becoming inspired by his parent’s VW Tiguan, he starts constructing his own car. After several days he finally finishes his makeshift car and, exhausted, falls asleep. Meanwhile his parents, who noticed his touching efforts, put him in the car and drive all night to a different town. The boy wakes up to find he is reunited with his best friend. Somehow his invention did the trick!

To soundtrack this lovely story of genuine friendship, no song could have been a better fit than Queen’s “Friends will be Friends”.

Artist: Queen
Song: Friends Will Be Friends
Client: Volkswagen
Campaign: Tiguan 2018
Director: Magaby García
Production Company: Central Films
Producer: Estela Parada
Agency: DDB Mexico
Agency Producers: James Dyer, Violeta Pacheco
Creative Team: Ana Pontes, German Genel, Manuel Vega, Rodrigo Zúñiga, Marco Quevedo
Year: 2017