Royal Blood – Renault Fluence

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

For the launch of the new Renault Fluence, Argentinian agency Primo produced an off-the-wall campaign playing on traditional masculine codes with a humorous twist.

The new Renault Fluence provides a space for freedom to do whatever you want, go wherever you choose, eat what you want to eat, listen to the music that floats your boat. Ultimately, the new Renault Fluence is a symbol of independence.

The spot featured the then-upcoming British rock band Royal Blood’s powerful and captivating track “Figure It Out” from their debut album – and went on to top UK charts and feature in Samsung’s worldwide 2016 campaign.

Client: Renault
Product: Renault Fluence
Campaign Title: Símbolo de Libertad Masculina
Agency: Publicis Buenos Aires
Production Company: Primo Buenos Aires
Director: Nicolas Perez Veiga
Song: Royal Blood – Figure it Out
Year: 2015