Robert del Naja — Jean Paul Gaultier

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

Robert del Naja, also knowns as 3D from Massive Attack, has beautifully reworked the Jean Paul Gaultier timeless masterpiece “Casta Diva”, composed by Vincenzo Bellini and famously performed by Maria Callas, conferring the necessary intensity and modernity needed for their latest “Le Male Elixir” fragrance campaign. Del Naja’s exceptional vocal style and artistic vision have played a significant role in shaping Massive Attack’s sound, renowned for their innovative blend of electronic music, hip-hop, and atmospheric elements. His creative pursuits extend beyond music, as he continuously pushes boundaries by collaborating with various artists and exploring diverse artistic mediums. Through his work, he seamlessly combines music and visual art, embracing a multidisciplinary approach.

Song: Casta Diva (3D Bespoke Remix)
Artist: Maria Callas x Robert del Naja
Client: Jean Paul Gaultier
Campaign: Le Male Elixir
Year: 2023