RUN DMC (With Jason Nevins) – Jean-Paul Gaultier

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision, Sound Design

Scandal for Him was the first mens fragrance introduced by Jean-Paul Gaultier since 2016. The campaign, which was directed by filmmaker and photographer Jonas Lindstroem was shot in the impressive Gaultiers Paris headquarters. Its central hall was turned into a boxing ring where none else than Parker Van Noord and Imaan Hammam went into showdown. The film breathes sensuality and as the name of the fragrance suggests it itself, is scandalous. We needed the Music and Sound Design to be a continuity of those characteristics. The 1997 House Rework by Jason Nevins of the Run DMC signature track “It’s Like That” felt like the perfect match. The original song had attitude and the House rework added the layer of suggestiveness and provocativeness we needed. The sound design, helped bring it all together and give it the cinematic dimension that Jean- Paul Gaultier himself is so fond of. 

Song: It’s Like That
Artist: RUN DMC (With Jason Nevins)
Client: Puig
Campaign: Jean-Paul Gaultier- Scandal For Him
Director: Jonas Lindstroem
Year: 2021