San-Ae Kang – Stella Artois

Licensing, Music Supervision

The Stella Artois ‘Become an icon’ campaign, the first major local effort for the brand in Korea, carries the hashtag #UnstoppableJourney and celebrates the ambition of women who know that anything worthwhile doesn’t come easy as they tirelessly chase a legacy of their own. In order to properly showcase female empowerment, Stella Artois cast three of South Korea’s most successful women: actress SeoHyung Kim, musician YoonAh Kim, and pioneer comedy and content creator EunYi Song

The campaign is charming in a cheezy and pleasantly nostalgic way as the film shows, through metaphor and allegory, the harrowing journey from a woman’s early days as an unseen waitress to the most iconic person in the room, as she sings the lyrics ’You Can Do It’ by singer San-Ae Kang.


Song: You Can Do It
Artist:San-Ae Kang
Client: Stella Artois
Campaign: Become An Icon
Year: 2019