Skip&Die – Jennyfer

Creative Search, Licensing, Music Supervision

Jennyfer has been perceived in France as the brand for “bimbos”, “losers”, “weirdos” and other derogatory clichés that we stick to women. Aware of its label-heavy image, after a twenty year absence in advertising, Jennyfer hits back with its feisty #ZEROETIQUETTE #DontCallMeJennyfer campaign, challenging the validity of such limited perceptions.

In this commercial, the brand invites young women to affirm their personality without worrying about what others think. To bring this message home, Too Young selected the rhythmic and transgressive music by dutch-south African outfit Skip&Die with their banging tune “Jungle Riot”, a fusion of many styles ranging from tropical bass to rock through dubstep, surf and hip-hop which perfectly runs to the beat of empowered young women standing for who they are as they are!


Song: Jungle riot
Artist: Skip&Die
Client: Jennyfer
Campaign: Don’t Call Me Jennyfer
Year: 2019